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CD01 - Contagious Disease - Effective Containment

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Purpose: All practices should be prepared to assist patients with contagious diseases. When such patients require in-patient care, the practice should have a means to ensure that appropriate care is provided to the contagious patient, without putting other patients at risk. This may be accomplished by having an isolation area within the practice, or by transferring patients to a practice with appropriate isolation facilities. For practices that transfer contagious patients, there should be a means of effectively isolating these patients until transfer to another facility is accomplished.

Timeline: Newly hired practice team members and relevant continuing education

Team Member(s) Responsible: The designated practice team member(s) responsible for completing the task(s) outlined in the protocol

Supervisor/Point Person: List the practice team member(s) responsible for managing the implementation of the protocol





  • List which particular diseases are treated as contagious
  • Define how to dispose of infectious waste and clothing
  • Define how incoming animals are examined
  • Define how incoming patients are admitted to the practice
  • Define how practice team members will be assigned patient care duties when dealing with contagious or zoonotic diseases

Practice Team Member Training Addresses:

  • Which practice team members are trained and for what
  • How training is provided and by whom
  • How often training occurs
  • Disinfection of the facility
    • How
    • When
    • By whom
    • Areas of the hospital to be disinfected (i.e., isolation area, main hospital area, etc.)

Personal Hygiene

  • Define effective hand washing
  • Define and identify appropriate attire that is worn around contagious patients

Facility Organization

  • Identify what supplies and equipment are stored in the containment area/isolation room
  • Define traffic flow in and around isolation areas

Communication and Client Education

  • Identify a process for informing clients and team members of potentially zoonotic and contagious disease exposure. This may include:
    • What disease(s) are suspected
    • Risk to family members and other household pets
    • Symptoms in humans and patients
  • Identify a process for reporting public health issues
  • Define a documentation process for the patient’s medical record
  • Identify references that are available for practice team members and clients

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